Crowd Funded Real Estate Investing

Crowdfunding has become a not so overnight phenomenon. For decades groups of people have come together to purchase items that for an individual would have been impractical if not impossible.  Over the past few years, a number of companies have taken this concept to the real estate market, and it primarily has been for the purchase of commercial real estate, office buildings, apartment complexes, etc.

We have taken the concept to the local residential real estate market. There are many great opportunities for purchasing residential real estate for investment. With the recent foreclosure boom, there is a substantial segment of the population that is unable to purchase a home of their own, and these folks need somewhere to live. This is the opportunity! Residential real estate has always been a great investment vehicle, but with the rent levels where they are today (due to the glut of people unable to buy) it is almost a no brainer.

The biggest barrier for entering this investment vehicle is cash! It takes a lot of cash to play this game. If you don’t have enough money laying around to pay cash for a property, then you need to have at least 20% down, great credit, and strong reserves.

Crowdfunding solves this problem! We are continually seeking those who want to participate in the upside of real estate investing, but don’t have the hundreds of thousands of dollars to get involved.

For as little as $10,000 you can become part of one of our investment groups. Here are some details!

We embraced this concept, to bridge the gap for those individuals who would love to have Real Estate in their portfolio, yet don’t have the cash, or expertise, or stomach to buy and manage rental properties!

The concept is simple.  Rather than individually buying rental property, managing it and dealing with all that comes with property ownership, you now have the opportunity to be a member of an LLC (Limited Liability Company) that does this.  There is no longer a need to deal with huge down payments, or almost impossible loan qualification demands.

For as little as $10,000 you can reap the greatest benefits of property ownership; Cash Flow, and Appreciation!

Our philosophy is simple.

  1. Pool together member dollars and purchase property that spins off massive cash flow, and has the potential for capital appreciation.
  2. Manage these properties to maximize cash flow and sell when we’re able to realize extraordinary gains.
  3. Provide income to investor partners.
  4. No Leverage of the investment dollars.
  5. Liquidate after a fixed amount of time, and do it again!

“After 20+ years in the Real Estate industry, it became very clear that there was a need for a vehicle to allow individuals to invest in Real Estate, without having to have huge amounts of capital, or the stomach to manage the properties!”

-Bob Schenkenberger, Managing Member

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